The power of our networks allows remarkable ideas to diffuse through segments of the population at rocket speed.
— Seth Godin, The Purple Cow (2009)

Crowdfunding Progressive Action.


Why demCROWD?

What if your donors could do more than just contribute to your campaign or committee?

With demCROWD, your established supporters –- are invited to take "ownership" of your campaign and reach out to their existing communities of like-minded friends and family to introduce them to your message. 

demCROWD connects your campaign to  progressives from across Ohio and the country.  demCROWD allows you to leverage the power of the crowd by spreading your message through your campaign's existing social networks and combine those with users to help build excitment for your cause. 

At demCROWD, we are aggregating the funding power of the Progressive Community to take direct action.

Quite simply, demCROWD is a force multiplier.

demCROWD provides you with modern, simple and user-friendly tools that make your orgnaization's social networking, fundraising, communications and message exponentially more effective than it would be without it.ith 

With demCROWD, you can pitch and engage thousands - if not millions - of people simultaneously as opposed to your tradtional funders. 

Check out our one page demCROWD info sheet.

What are the benefits of demCROWD and Crowdfunding?

demCROWD is personal.

We understand the power of social media has on campaigns and that is why we have designed demCROWD to connect seamlessly to your supporters’ social media networks. When your supporters fundraise in the name of your organization, they're going to be asking those closest to them, whether it's friends, family, or colleagues, to support your mission and give to your fundraising campaign.

The personal connection between you and your supporters will result in a higher average donation value and a higher total number of donations. Remember, people give for emotional reasons. What's more personal and emotional than the connection between family and friends?

demCROWD provides exponential growth in awareness.

While some people may not give to your campaign, they're going to be reading or hearing about you from those fundraisers. The more people donating to your organization, the more people talking about you and spreading awareness in the progressive community.

demCROWD leverages social media. 

Millennials are interacting with organizations and campaigns via social media more and more. And for those that are backers of your organization, they will be asked to share their actions with their social networks through popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Your organization's social media networks can only go so far. But inspiring your supporters to talk about your organization via social media will help amplify your cause even further.

demCROWD supporters see their return-on-investment (ROI).

demCROWD donors know up-front who and what they are funding.  They know exactly what they are getting for their contribution, and see the return-on-investment of their donated dollars.  demCROWD funders are engaged in your campaign because they have made an "investment" in your organization and its message.

Check out our one page demCROWD info sheet.

What is Crowdfunding?  How does it work?

Crowdfunding is all about collective effort.

It is about using the power of peoples’ personal networks to help raise money and awareness for various efforts. In essence, it is the idea of collecting many small to medium size donations to help meet some sort of financial goal or project. 

When the progressive community pools its resources, networks, and ideas, they can have a huge benefit for candidate campaigns, parties, PACs, independent-expenditure organizations (SuperPACs), non-profits and other progressive organizations.

demCROWD makes this all easier by encouraging campaigns to be open and transparent about what they will do with their demCROWD funding.  By being easily scalable to every campaign’s needs, and being resource-friendly for all parties, demCROWD is the perfect way to harness the power of the crowd.

Who can fund on demCROWD?

demCROWD has been designed to be utilized by all types of organizations in the progressive community - candidates, committees, PACs, independent expenditure only committees, and other non-profits.

Most importantly, unlike other crowdfunding sites, if you are an organization that files reports with either the Federal Elections Commission or the Ohio Secretary of State, you can use demCROWD.  demCROWD has been designed to collect all required donor information, and to provide that information to campaigns in a timely, user-friendly way.

How do I create a demCROWD campaign?

You can get started right now by contacting us, and submitting your campaign idea for demCROWD review.