Interested in fundraising on demCROWD?

demCROWD is a crowdfunding platform for Progressive Action.

The following represents the criteria that each Campaign must meet:

  • All Campaigns on demCROWD must be time – limited.   Although demCROWD default settings limit the amount of time that a Campaign can be live, Campaigns should not be designed to be perpetual, or imply that demCROWD will be used for never-ending fundraising.  demCROWD is best used for project fundraising – a kickoff, an initiative, an ad campaign, the purchase or financing of a necessary campaign tool, or the production of a specific result.

  • All funding organizations must be registered and/or verifiable. Any and all Campaigns, PACs or other organizations wishing to utilize demCROWD to raise funds related to political expenditures must be registered as a reporting entity with all applicable campaign finance regulators.  Such regulators may include,  for example, the Federal Election Commission (FEC),  the Ohio Secretary of State (OSOS) or the office of the Ohio Attorney General (OAG).  Some entities may be exempt from this requirement if they are able to provide their rationale or proof of exemption from registration.  Campaigns must be able to provide timley confirmation of all applicable registrations, including, but not limited to registration numbers, upon request by demCROWD.  

  • Any and all campaigns, PACs or other organization wishing to utilize demCROWD to raise funds related to political expenditures must provide demCROWD with the name of their designated Treasurer (or Asst. Treasurer) and the official address of the organization.   All reporting entities should note that as a entity acting as a conduit for contributions, demCROWD may be required to report all contributions made to any Campaign to the FEC, OSOS or other applicable campaign finance regulator.

  • Any and all non-profit organizations claiming that campaign funders may be eligible for any local, state, federal or other tax deduction for their contribution made through through the crowdfunding portal must be able to provide timely confitmation of their tax exempt status upon request by demCROWD.

What is NOT allowed on demCROWD?

demCROWD cannot be used to:

  • offer or sell any equitable instruments, loans or interests in real estate.
  • offer any firearms, ammunition, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or drug paraphernalia as a reward.
  • raise funds for any individual, campaign, committee or other organization not identified in the Campaign materials.

Further, demCROWD will not tolerate offensive speech, hate speech or pornographic materials.

The foregoing demCROWD Campaign Criteria are under constant review, and as such, are subject to modification or replacement at any time by demCROWD.

NOTE:  Failure to comply with the demCROWD Campaign Criteria wil result in immediate termination of user access and use of the service (or related services.  Consistent with the demCROWD Terms of Service, demCROWD may deny any user access to all or any party of the service (or related services) at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice.

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